Angelprints Silver Thumbprint pendants are made from an imprint of your own actual thumbprint or fingerprint impression taken in clay or wax. From that original impression, I make a piece of jewelry that is as individual and unique as your own thumbprint.

Your Silver Thumbprint necklace will become a beloved and treasured family heirloom. Your Thumbprint pendant carries the energy and love of the person whose imprint you are wearing. It is a beautiful way to stay connected to those you love, whether it be your child, your grandchild, your mother, your best friend, your lover or your pet. A Silver Thumbprint pendant keeps you connected in a wonderful way as you wear it close to your heart.

A Silver Thumbprint necklace is the perfect gift for a mother, a grandmother, a best friend, a lover, a spouse, a fiancé. A Silver Thumbprint Necklace is a fabulous gift for an expectant Mother. It is a wonderful gift to exchange between a mother and daughter. Children love the idea of wearing their mother's thumbprint when they are at school. We can also take the imprint of your beloved cat or dog.

The Thumbprint pendants can be made in pure silver or sterling silver, 14kt, 18kt, 22kt Gold, Platinum, and are available with diamonds.

Gift Certificates are available.